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Valentina Rivera is a Spanish luxury leather goods brand founded in 2022 by Naela Rivera, a singer and designer, and her husband Francisco Gismero, a businessman. Inspired by their daughter Valentina, they created a brand of bags and accessories distinguished by quality, exclusivity, versatility, elegance, and timeless style. 

Each Valentina Rivera Madrid product is handmade by expert artisans using the highest quality vegan materials. The brand is firmly committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their collections are designed for women of all ages who seek original and functional accessories that never go out of style.

Attention to detail in the selection of raw materials and the meticulous crafting of each handmade design are among its main characteristics. 'Quality or Nothing' is the motto that reflects their commitment to excellence.

Valentina Rivera's fashion products are available in their online store and in specialized fashion spaces. 

“Our dream began with the vision of fusing art and fashion into creations that transcend the everyday. Driven by passion and enthusiasm, we crafted a range of bags and accessories that not only complement a woman's style but also serve as an expression of her unique personality.” Naela and Francisco, creators of Valentina Rivera.